Steve Schmier's Jewelry

Your expert Jewelry in Lake Tahoe

Steve Schmier's is the jewelry store with something for everyone's taste and for every budget. The staff is welcoming and friendly. Owner Michael Grant brilliantly redesigned a sentimental piece of mine, somehow knowing what I wanted even before I did! Karen Foissotte, Honolulu, HI

My husband and I have been customers of Steve Schmier's Jewelry for over 8 years now and I would like to just say that we have never had the type of service, nor quality anywhere previously than we receive from this business.

I have been a wedding planner for a very long time and I have seen so many rings; some amazing, some not so much. In meeting with couples one of the things I try to ask is what type of experience they had when selecting and purchasing their rings (newly engaged couples LOVE to talk about their rings!). Sadly, I would receive several "generic" comments, referencing a chain, or perhaps a giant store, with no real personalization nor education with regards to the pieces they have purchased!

I believe this to be very important, not only are you investing in your future but in the jewelry which you will wear proudly to represent your relationship! Michael Grant has been amazing to work with over the years, and fondly we refer to him as a true friend, as I am sure a lot of his longtime customers do as well. It is important to him to not only make the sale, but first and foremost to make sure his customer has exactly what they want and walk proudly out of his business with a beautiful treasure. He also makes it a point to provide options, suggestions and educate his customers on gemology as well as metals, designs, etc.

I am happy to say that I have several pieces from his store, some of which were bought right out of lovely displays as well as a few custom and redesigned pieces! My favorite piece would have to be my amazing engagement ring that Michael and my husband custom designed. It is a true work of beauty and unlike anything I have ever seen!

In my line of work, customer service is key. I refuse to work with anyone who doesn't put down the electronic communication devices and actually have a face to face conversation with me! Michael is such a person, he is there personally to answer questions, provide insight and make you feel very comfortable and excited about your decisions and purchases. The experience should be very special, just as the pieces you walk out with should be.

We highly recommend Steve Schmier's Jewelry to friends and family all the time. We have heard similar positive stories of experiences they have had with Michael. He takes great pride in his selections, his work and his business and it shows.

If you are looking for a fun and personalized jewelry purchasing experience, this is the place to go! You will see so many different and unique designs that you will never see in a chain and if you don't, be sure to bring your ideas as he will bring them to life! John and Margie Forster, Reno, NV